Server first [Keystone Master]

Block GO posted Sep 29, 18

Hello JD!

Replair, Wizie, Leafeon, Versahusk and some DK just got [Realm First! battle for Azeroth Keystone Master]

This is by no means a small feat and took them hours of practice. 

I will upload the video of the run when I have it ready. For now, here "we" are after the run:

Uldiir Progress Update

Block GO posted Sep 25, 18


With Uldiir progress well on the way we've got the first kill video from Team Leg Sweep:

With Taloc down, LS is a certified Mythic raiding team. Currently 1/8 Mythic! Gz to em!

LR is sitting on 2/8 Mythic with a 10% wipe on Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth yesterday. 

After a shaky start, EoL is now sitting on 5/8 NM with a 30% pull on Zul Reborn. 

I wish all the teams best of luck and with Zek'voz down next week you can look forward to the first LR Kill video.