Curvey EoLs!

Block GO posted Apr 20, 18

Hello JD!

Last night, Maxiamus pushed his EoL comrades ahead of the curve!

On the very last pull of the night, the Echo of Light team took down HC Argus. Granting them:

[Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker] and the Violet Spellwing mount.

Well done EoL!

Seems Kza got over himself =) EoL Argus Kill vid: 

Kza GO Finally!
Juurikkala GM Awesome! Mission complete, right?
Carnun Nice, well done :)


Its been 6 weeks since our last update, or 3 Mythic bosses on the Last-Resort-Boss-Counter. 

Poro, raid leader and lover of all things mayonnaise has managed to drive his LR team to kill another 3 bosses in Antorus.

This makes them Server 3rd and world 1956. An impressive feat for a kid consisting of 93.2% whipped egg yolks and vegetable oils.

Yours truly have been held back by relatives, career and natural disasters, so kill videos have been scarce.

I am about to remedy that with no less than 3 Kill videos in 3 days... A feat fairly on par with Mythic kills!

And here: The second: Coven on no less than Mythic difficulty!!

Heres the first: Varimathras Mythic:

And here... LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: Kingaroth:

People often ask me: How did you pull off such a feat? How do you endure the 3 videos in 3 days challenge?

I have to be honest, I don't know. It was as if JD itself spurred me on. A godly intervention if you will. 

I applaud you all for having witnessed this amazing display of pure of skill and will power.!!

Juurikkala GM That Denden's music on Kin'garoth! I was instantly back in the 80's. Maybe it was some luxury yacht where...
Juurikkala GM Thanks Jas!!
Carnun Grats guys - doing really well!