Uldir conclusion and Horde raid!

Jas GO posted Jan 22, 19

Hello JD!

With LS conquering Mythic Mythrax last night, we have our last kill in Uldir. This puts the JD teams at the following progress:

Last Resort: 8/8 Mythic Uldir!

Team Leg Sweep: 7/8 Mythic Uldir!

Echo of Light: 1/8 Mythic Uldir!

This "Unbelievable success" can, in no small part, be attributed to the leadership of each Team.

For Team Leg Sweep:  -  Officers:@Ollielad and Fish-stank and Raid-Leaders: ßlinks and Grae.

For Echo of Light:    -      Officers: Kza, Kurufin and Crystalskye and Raid-leader: Chiri.

For Last Resort:     -       Officers Lynxea and Jasirfir and Raid-leaders: Legit-trash, Wizie and Poro.

Jane Doe wishes to thank you all for your efforts. 

This rounds up Jane Doe's effort in Uldir.

Which brings us to the next tier: The Battle for Ataldinidad'alor something to that effect. 

For those of you who do not know: This is the Horde capital in BFA! So to have ourselves a little sneak peek, we are going there tonight, Jane Doe style. 

Invading Dazar'alor with the full might of Jane Doe. Hopefully, this late call hasn't allowed the horde side to prepare a defense...

Check your calendar invite, get your Warmode on and bring your pee wee pee tallents. We are taking it to the horde tonight! 

For the Alliance! 

Apollyon Awesome job guys!! Funny how things started going really well when i stopped playing..
Jas GO You surely did your part Luxx =)
Luxx Hats off to the outstanding management of all teams. <3

Hello JD!

EoL going Mythic:

With Taloc Mythic down, EoL is now officially a mythic raid team.
After casually downing Ghuun HC for a second time, Kurufin and Co. decided to slap Taloc about and ended the night with a few tries on MOTHER. Should they overcome MOTHER Mythic it would place EoL as server 16th and on the front page of STD progress page. Well done Echo of Light! 

Jane Doe's annual guild photo:

Jane Doe has grown quite a bit over the last few years. With growth comes growing pains but also joy and gratification in the fruition of our labor. I believe we can all be proud of what we have accomplished and what we are all part of today.

Here is what we look like when all (most) of us are gathered in Borallus:

Jane Doe presents JD photo of 2019. Click the header above for the full 4k Image.

For the full picture <<<CLICK HERE>>>  or use the header above this post. 

I would also like to welcome all of the people joining us from Death Proof to the Jane Doe family: Thorncalt; Kayliea; Giodragon; Dawnslight; Attis; Silverstars; Morloch; Lycanight; Alfeagtigt; Warlockblood and Trickidk.

I hope you guys find a good home within Jane Doe. 

Don't forget to sign up for <Catch the Poro> this Tuesday at 19.00 and the last Uldir Fun-Run on Friday.