Hello JD!

We are now well into Uldir and that means: Fun run is back!

Fun run downed the horrible Ghuun tonight! Making fun run 8/8 normal.

( Could this be considered JDs 4th team? )

Well done FUN RUN!

On a side note. Last Resort is now on 5/8 Mythic followed closely by Team Leg Sweep on 3/8 Mythic and EoL on 2/8 HC. 

( And team Fun Run on 8/8 HC? )

Raid team updates.

Jas GO posted Oct 12, 18

Hello JD!
With Uldir being out for 6 resets now, we find our teams at the following Progres:

Lost Retards: 3/8 Mythic, with a 10% Wipe on the 4th boss; Vectis.

Recent kill video: Zek´Voz Herald of N´zoth:

Team Linqustic Spastics managed Ghuun as well as Mythic Taloc and MOTHER, making them 2/8 Mythic and server 6th. 
Lates kill video: Ghuun HC. 

Evenly original Lunatics is facing Mythrax as they are now at 6/8 Normal, with Ghuun most likely down next week. 

Best of luck to you all in your Uldir adventures.