Doe Fest 2019!

By Jas GO - Posted Feb 12, 19

Hello JD!


The preparations for the Jane Doe Guild MeetUp Party or JDGMUP for short is well underway.

On the first Saturday of August, I invite you all to meet the people behind the discord voices and the personalities behind the chatter, for this new tradition we call the annual JDGMUP. This time around in the UK.

The date is set: 3/8-2019 at 20.00 server time or 19.00 UK time.

The evening will include plenty of alcohol consumption and possibly some live action "Catch the Poro" 

The more specific location within the UK depends on the amount of "players" applying to the event and passing their trial period. I can recommend sucking-up to the officers in form of in-game gold, agreeing to everything we say or even direct wire-transferred casherino might come in handy. I wish you all the best of luck. For now, it might end up being hosted by our lovely Fishyy at his residence but may change later due to various reasons.

To apply for the JDGMUP 2019 please fill out this Application>>>HERE<<<

If you live in the UK and would be willing to host a few people, please let me know @jasirfir on Discord.


I hope to see a lot of you at JDGMUP 2019.

Opulence down:

In-game, the Lost Retards managed yet another Mythic kill. This time Opulence, making them 4/9 Mythic.

Well done LR!