Happy New Years Jane Doe!

By Jas GO - Posted Jan 1, 19

Hello JD! 

What a years it’s been!

- Last Resort got what we set out to do: Get [Cutting Edge].

- Team Leg Sweep got Zul down and is well on its way to get Mythrax down for 7/8 Mythic.

Echo of Light is well on its way to [Ahead of the curve].

3 teams with Curve! Well that's great, isn't it? It is but let's not forget what JD is. JD is not 3 teams. JD is each and every member of Jane Doe.

We are all Jane Doe a guild which aims to appeal to a broad audience. This does not mean that each and every member, new or old, deserves a spot in any content you set out to do, however. Some players, joining us from other guilds, might have the idea that a guild is a place for similar minded people. This is quite the opposite in JD. We enjoy the game but in some very different ways. This is, in my opinion, what makes Jane Doe great. The diversity.

We do however have a broad selection of activities which are all inclusive:

The Fun Run:
This was usually held on Sundays but will, as an experiment, be held on Fridays, for a month starting out. This is done to include LR who had to place their 3rd day on Sundays in order to raid effectively.

Mythic plus:
Meh pluh has been a big part of wow since its introduction in Legion. There will always be similarly minded individuals to group up with to tackle difficult keys. Like most things in JD this isn't always all inclusive and it should be respected that individuals might prefer to group with like-minded players. However, we encourage all of you to help our fellow guildies whenever you can.

Guild Events:
Social “happenings” Such “Catch the Poro” will be returning as a monthly event with its usual 80k prize pool.  The first time will be Tuesday 15/1-2019.

Speaking of Guild events: I would like to introduce an annual event: The JD New Years Photo
This High Res (3840x2160) photo will be taken this Monday at 19.00.

So, unless you wish this years Jane Doe picture to look like this:

I suggest you partake in our JD picture on Monday 7/1-2019 to have your toon on here.