Raid team Progress and Kill videos.

By Jas GO - Posted Nov 30, 18

Hello JD!

With Uldir nearing its end, we have the following progress from our 3 Raid Teams:

Team Last Resort at 7/8 Mythic with their ( I know, I KNOW,  its 2 weeks old news ) recent Mythrax kill.
Best guestimate puts [Cutting Edge] 1-2 Weeks away!

Mythrax Kill vid:

Team Leg Sweep 5/8 Mythic with their surprising? kill of Fetid Devourer.

With about 19 Rogues lined up for Zul, Reborn, we might see a kill 2-3 weeks ago cool

Fetid Devourer Kill Video:

Team Echo of Light at 7/8 HC Uldir! With General Chiri at the helm, we might see EoL get [Ahead of the Curve] within a few weeks. Well ahead of the next tier.

Well done Jane Doe! I am so very proud to have been part of this process. Unbelievable Succes =)