Hello JD.

For the past 2 months, the leadership has been very busy sorting out raid teams, running trials, having trial chats with over 50 people, twice and sorting PvP and raid team structure.

This has caused us to be way less active on the Social front.

Now that most of the raid situation has been sorted, we have time to start up the social activity side of JD.

So, up until Fun runs start up.  Tuesday will be dedicated to social “experiments”.

So, this Tuesday, we did: Catch the Poro!

This event took place on Azuremyst Isle and has a prize pool of 80.000

The premise.

Poro, mounts a 3 seater mount, and we ( That's the raid group) tries to corner him and get on his mount.

The first 4 people who get on Poros mount goes on to the final, where these 4 people try to jump on his 2 seater.

No paladins, No DKs no mount speed buffs allowed.

I took the opportunity to catch this rare creature on video. Please enjoy: Catch the Poro:

The first prize: Aria (Arya?) 50.000 gold.
The second prize: Maxiamus: 20.000 gold
The third prize was won by everyone's favorite: Baambootymcbootylooty! Winnings:10.000 gold ( She can now afford her repair bill! )

Gz to the winners. I had a lot of fun. So much so, that I decided to make this a monthly thing. Catch the Poro is now up first of the month every month, forever!

Next Tuesday 16/10-18, it's making the Boat Jump!

We all know the jump.

That one.

The premise:

Everyone get in a raid group.

Everyone starts on the right side.

Everyone mounts up.

We all try to make the jump. The people who miss the jump stays down on the left.

Rinse/repeat till there's only 1 person standing ( or 5 consecutive jumps is done by everyone remaining )

No Paladins, no mount speed buff allowed.  (Most people have the [Pathfinder] achievement, so that we are not banning =)

The winners share a prize pool of 80.000!

The week after we are taking your ideas! Please send a message to me: That Jasirfir, with your idea for a social activity ( Anything goes, read above ideas =) ”

Hope to see all of you this Tuesday!