Welcome to BFA!

By Jas GO - Posted Sep 4, 18

Hello JD!

Things have been a little quiet on this site lately. Janedoe however, has been anything but quiet!

JaneDoe has always welcomed diversity and we, in the guild management group, strive to make it a guild that caters to a broad spectrum of players.

I won't go over JDs long and proud history, but should you be interested, I would suggest you follow this thread.
I would also suggest that you familiarise yourself with the JD rules and ethos HERE

As stated, Janedoe is a busy place right now. Among the recent happenings you will find: 

-New and returning Raid Teams:

- 3 teams will be going into Uldir next reset: Echo of Light, Last Resort, and Team: Leg Sweep. Lost Retards is going in first ( As the absolute units they are) this Wednesday, followed by EoL and LS this Thursday. I wish them all the best of luck on PERSONAL LOOT drops!

You can find all the relevant info on all 3 teams here: EoL
 , Team- Leg Sweep and Last Resort or from the permanent link 

<-- to the left of this text. Should you be new to JD and wish to apply to one of the teams, the application can be found on the top menu, furthest to the right.

-A new GM:

With Jasirfir making a grab for the seat of power, the hero of the people, Mianah, AKA Baambaam AKA Mr. Justice AKA Destroyer of Dreams!!!, heroicly deflected this heinous attack on the people's freedom and now stands as the rightful ruler of our fair guild. Long may he reign!

Just to clarify: Jas ( that's me btw ) was only a temp GM till Juuris return and when that seemed further off then initially expected, the JD leadership found it appropriate to elect a more permanent solution to the vacancy. Juuri will be back sometime in the future and we might see a return to power for the JD veteran, but until further notice, Mianah is the GM and ruthless ruler of the JD kingdom. Prepare to be ruled!

New Faces:

- We've seen a surge of players recently, most notably the DoA crowd.I hope, and does seem like, you have settled in well. Seeing 60+ people online is not a rare sight at all and this Monday ( When all teams are raiding simultaneously ) the server just might crash!

I bid you all welcome to the JD family and hope to see you all in action, in-game, for numerous years to come. I have the pleasure of knowing most of you decently well but do feel free to chat me up any time, with anything, any time. Questions, request or dad jokes, anything! I am usually in a good mood (leave the complaints to Mianah) 

Welcome to Jane Doe my friends and you too M3Thod!

Speaking of EmthreeTHOD, keep an eye out for his youtube content and guides over on Youtube.

Finally, most, if not all of us, remember Legion fondly. I have thrown together some snippets of memorable moments from the first 6 months of Legion: Be aware that this won't make much sense to people who weren't there during that time, and even to those people, it could be a pretty confusing viewing.

I will follow this up with an even longer and even more drawn out video, later this month. 

Method o... I mean, Samthedane out =)