Echo of Light is being reborn....

By Kurufin GO - Posted Jul 28, 18

First of all welcome to Jane Doe to all of our new members, both from all 4 corners of Azeroth, but especially to all the former members of Dead on Arrival.

The rumours that has been floating around in Dalaran for months are true. The most legendary of all raid teams in Jane Doe history is back when the new raids are launched.

And with it the most famous hunter on the realm, the legendary hunter, Kurufín. Many feared he would never return, more hoped for obvious reasons that he wouldnt. His ability to tame the ladies exceeded his ability to tame pets. His reputation says it all, unless you are a competitor, you cant stop but fall in love with his charming spirits when he yells at you for backpeddling into the abyss during an Arthas fight or getting caught by Yogg Sarons tentacles for the seventh time.  

And with him follows a core of experienced players with one desire: to conquer the latest raidbosses and strive for laughs and good times twice a week in Battle for Azeroth.

We have some of the best healers in the world to keep you alive when you are standing in shit during the entire fight and we have some noobs that are willing to learn and have fun while you are doing it. We also have a completely hopeless hunter that keeps dying after 20 seconds in every fight, but he is kind of our mascot, so we wont kick him. (no it is not Kurufín

A background check on us would reveal that we are mostly 30+ in years, but still kids on the inside. The humour starts from having no idea of what you are doing (see above hunter) to cringy thats-what-she-said-jokes, but all in all we just want to have a good time without any loot drama or insecure teenagers (also the adult ones). 

If you think you fit this fairly weak profile and still would like to check us out feel free to write me an ingame mail. I will be online from now on (although not every day) until BfA launches. It especially also would be nice if some of all the newcomers are interested. We need all roles and classes as of now, although that might change later on. Even though we might have both tanks and healers settled, dont despair. We understand that WoW is a game and many people can not or will not commit to two raidnights evey week. We know there is a life besides gaming, so your prefered role in a raid might just be around the corner even though it is not available right now.

As said earlier, we are very relaxed in our approach to the raiding game. Whether you are experienced or greener than a gnome at christmas is not really important. What matters is that we are enjoying what we are doing. That being said, we usually gets ahead of the curve for all raids, so not all of us are as hopeless as our mascot, Maxiamus.

See you in-game

All the best,