Team LR finally did it. After 235 wipes and countless tears from Mr Yank´em-Lil-Lilmak. Last Resort took the server second spot and a decent 1654th seat in the world. Not too shabby for a 2 days/week team.    

In what proved to be the biggest step up, by far, in Antorus. Kekec (the lying ¤%/#&) n crew melted Grandma real nice like and finished the night with 32 most delightful wipes on Argus, the unmaker at the heart of the Burning Throne.

Last resort can almost feel the sweet sweet [Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker] at the end of this long fiery road.

Gz to them all (and me.Yay) 

Super awesome, A grandma kill video:

And for a Monk PoV we got Moggles vid (with less random Dire Straits and PoV swapping =) Enjoy:

Until the Video is done, here's a little taser: