Its been 6 weeks since our last update, or 3 Mythic bosses on the Last-Resort-Boss-Counter. 

Poro, raid leader and lover of all things mayonnaise has managed to drive his LR team to kill another 3 bosses in Antorus.

This makes them Server 3rd and world 1956. An impressive feat for a kid consisting of 93.2% whipped egg yolks and vegetable oils.

Yours truly have been held back by relatives, career and natural disasters, so kill videos have been scarce.

I am about to remedy that with no less than 3 Kill videos in 3 days... A feat fairly on par with Mythic kills!

And here: The second: Coven on no less than Mythic difficulty!!

Heres the first: Varimathras Mythic:

And here... LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: Kingaroth:

People often ask me: How did you pull off such a feat? How do you endure the 3 videos in 3 days challenge?

I have to be honest, I don't know. It was as if JD itself spurred me on. A godly intervention if you will. 

I applaud you all for having witnessed this amazing display of pure of skill and will power.!!