4/11 Mythic Resorts! and 6/11 Eels

By Jas GO - Posted Jan 26, 18

Hello JD!

Rumors have it, that yours truly has been slacking and that certain phrases, such as Assirfir are catching on.

I am here to reassure you, this is not the CASE!

JAsirfir has been hard at work at producing LRs recent kill of Antoran high Command - Mythic! 

With this kill, JD is now 4/11 Mythic and a recent 9% wipe on Portal Keeper has LR very close to 5/11 Mythic Antorus.!

Mythic Antoran high Command: 

Meanwhile, EoL, the self-dubbed Exotic old Ladies have been busy as well. downing Imonar, making them 6/11 HC. Well done Eol !