Once again a DOUBLE KILL! for Janedoe

By Jas GO - Posted Oct 25, 17

Hello JD!


Yesterday the Erotic old Llamas killed Avatar HC making them 8/9 HC. Only Kiljeaden now stands between EoL and Curve! Well done Maxiamus and Crew

Kill video: 

Janedoe progression:

Last night saw 2 new bosses go down for teams LR and EoL. 

EoL Progress:

The ever fabulous Maxiamus and Co-star Darkdiver along with the mighty fine Euphorically odd Lobsters downed Maiden of Vigilance. Leaving only 2 bosses to go in HC ToS

Well done EoL

Since no screenshot was taken, my glorious paint-skills saves us once again:

LR Progress:

Syillith and the Lurking Racoons saw Desolate Host go down after quite a few manual resets and cements JDs position as server 3rd. With Mistress Sassz'ine up next for the team.

Fist bumps to you all.


A nightmare om Elf street: