Mythic Sisters!

By Block GO - Posted Oct 12, 17

Hello JD!

We missed a few people in LR last week and did a quick HC KJ while we waited for people to show up.

Turns out you just need healers for that fight.!


EoL took out Desolate Host tonight! , All while laughing at LR who unfortunately did not manage a kill this evening. 

Well done Echo raiders: Another Boss down on our way to a Curved EoL.

Kill video:

Kill shot:

This Wednesday, team Last resort danced the line dance with some hot sisters of the moon.. And scored!

With Sisters of the moon down. JD is now server 3rd. We should see Desolate host go down Monday after a 30% wipe on only 3 total pulls last night.

Please enjoy our Nerdscreams: Sister screams,

Kill video: