Team LS - Leg Sweep. Rules and ethos.

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Raid Invites and Time.

Raid starts at 20:00h server time and last till 23:00h server time.
Raid invites will start 15min before raid-start. This means invites will start rolling out at 19.45server time and we expect that we can start the first pull at 20:05h. 15min should give you plenty of time to get your Seals of Broken Faith, flasks, food, potions, drinks and snacks for during the raid.
We don't expect you to be online at 19.45, but whoever is online can start clearing trash, and it will always be appreciated if you do make the 19.45 mark and help the raid experience proceed as smoothly as possible.
We'll use the calendar for invites so please sign up for the events via the calendar. People that are not signed up will be invited last once all those that are invited have secured their spot. On Mythic raiding days, people not signed up or late (with no warning) simply wont have a spot that night if the raid can be filled.
Break time will be at 21:30h server time and will last 10min. This should give you enough time to refill on drinks and snacks, do a quick bio stop and be back and ready at 21:40h for the last half of the evening. During the break you can quickly heartstone if you need to add traits, get seals and anything else realted to the raid.
If you forgot your seals, or need an enchant or relic fixed, do this during trash clear and try to the best of your ability, to not delay a pull.

Loot and distribution.
We'll run with Personal Loot. this means everybody should have an equal chance on loot and we won't lose time distributing the loot and we won't have debates on who has priority on an item. If you loot an item that is of no value for your character you can put it up for a /roll event to pass it onto one of your fellow raid members. This will strengthen our team.

Loot Q&A
Q: What do we do if nobody wants the item?
A: We'll assign a resident enchanter who can DE the item. The materials can be used to provide enchants for free if somebody needs them. You can also help the resident enchanterby sending green items via in-game mail for materials.

Q: What about trash drops?
A: What you do with BoE drops are your choice. We would prefer you put it up for a /roll event so our team gets stronger if you don't need it, but if you wish to sell it then that is fine

Food, Flaks and Pots

When it comes to Pots and Runes we expect you to provide them yourself, either you buy them from the AH or you can get them crafted by our resident Alchemist. Feasts will be provided and we will usually have cauldrons, but this isn't always the case
Any materials you gather to make feasts will be greatly appreciated. Please try to complete the bacon world quests if you have free time.

Raid goals and progression.
Our main goal at this point is to clear HC content, and then go on to clear as much of mythic we can given our 2 days a week raid schedule. Once we feel the rewards from heroic aren't worth it we will switch to fully progressing Mythic.

Please be prepared in understanding the fights and the inner mechanics. If you have questions regarding a boss or a suggestions please /w the raid leader about it so he or she can take it into consideration. Please try to keep suggestions as constructive as possible as otherwise this can put people out of focus and create a toxic atmosphere
We want to focus on a good vibe and fun atmosphere during raids. So keep the chat and voice communication friendly and non-toxic. Crack a joke and have some laughs but try and not piss off people. If absolutely needed the raid leaders will step in and if we feel the vibe is getting destroyed by unnecessary chatter we'll ask you to stop it. If you decide to continue we will sit you out for the good of the vibe and the raid.

When we start a boss fight we expect you to focus, drop the chit-chat and (most of) the jokes.

Above all else. Have fun! Work with your teammates and help out where you can, and take constructive criticism with a pinch of salt as all we all want is to improve and save Azeroth
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