Hello JD!

With Uldir nearing its end, we have the following progress from our 3 Raid Teams:

Team Last Resort at 7/8 Mythic with their ( I know, I KNOW,  its 2 weeks old news ) recent Mythrax kill.
Best guestimate puts [Cutting Edge] 1-2 Weeks away!

Mythrax Kill vid:

Team Leg Sweep 5/8 Mythic with their surprising? kill of Fetid Devourer.

With about 19 Rogues lined up for Zul, Reborn, we might see a kill 2-3 weeks ago cool

Fetid Devourer Kill Video:

Team Echo of Light at 7/8 HC Uldir! With General Chiri at the helm, we might see EoL get [Ahead of the Curve] within a few weeks. Well ahead of the next tier.

Well done Jane Doe! I am so very proud to have been part of this process. Unbelievable Succes =)

Apollyon F*in awesome! Miss you guys.. =/
Olliefellow Unbelievable success!

Team Leg Sweep Server Turd!

Jas GO posted Nov 13, 18

Hello JD!

 With the brilliant leadership of the glorious G̶r̶a̶e̶g̶e̶n̶   Jasirfir Champion of LS, Team Lusty Skunks downed Vectis  Mythic and is now sitting at a comfortable Server third!

The top 10 now looks like this:

And if rumors are to be believed, Jane doe might end up with "Server first" and "Server Second" for this very tier!

LS Kill video cóurtesy of resident Video-Wiz: ẞlinkz

Laughable Reindeers recent kill of Mythic Zul, Reborn. by Roggles.

Well done LS and great job JD!

Foxtalic What rumors are those then? :^)