HELLO JD and Future JD´ers. 

First: a brief history of Jane DoA:

What started as an effort to bring team Last Resort its first Mythic kill, culminated this week, in one of the larger events in JD history. 

Not having the roster to take on 20 man content, the Resorts set out to find a like-minded team, with an interest in joining forces.

LR found such a team in Dead on Arrival. A long-standing guild on Darkspear.

After some short negotiations, the plan was set and Gorroth Mythic in the Tomb of Sargearas fell prey to the joint DoA-JD effort. Video of the kill Please excuse my bad taste in music for this vid, I was young lad.

Later nicknamed the "Jane DoA" team would go on to test themselves on later bosses all while negotiations for a possibly Jane Doe and Dead on Arrival Guild merge proceeded. 

Despite big efforts and countless solutions to the merger being represented from both sides. The endeavors eventually stranded on the question of which guild would be joined by the other.  Strong allegiance and great loyalty to guild history and name, made a merge near impossible.

And so the parties settled on keeping a strong relationship between the guilds and the possibility of more collaborations in the future.

JD and DoA benefitted from this arrangement over the coming 6 months.

( Although Jane Doe contracted the DoA plague that is Replair in the process )

One such arrangement was the Fun Run Sundays. This resulted in a full 30 man raid, most nights and even [Curve] this past Sunday.

And just now, 13th of May the fun runners got themselves : [Glory of the Argus Raider] Well done guys n girls!

But indirectly it gave way to one of the largest mergers in Terokkar-Darkspear-Saurfang history. In terms of sheer volume and legacy of the guilds involved. - DoA was formed in June 2008 and Jane Doe 2 years later in March 2010. Both guilds contain 350+ accounts and some highly renowned and well-respected names. among the guilds on our server.

Extremely cheesy but also very well edited video:

And so, on May 10th 2018, Dead on Arrival members start receiving invites to Jane Doe.

-After this merge. Our guild will offer:

-An RBG team ( Currently going Fridays at 19:30 Realm Time )

-A very large pool of players to run 5 player content with. ( From your HC Alchemy quest to 24 keys )

-Fun Run Sundays ( This week: Antorus achievement run )

-"Maxiamus famous guild chat entertainment™" And for the adult audience: Luxx...

-3 Raid teams ( If you wish to raid, one of these teams will hopefully appeal to you )                                                                     

  EoL - Echo of Light

  LR  -  Last Resort

  LS -  Leg Sweep

More on the ethos and schedule of all teams soon™

-Options to start whatever group activity you wish the guild could offer. (more on this next week)

A lot of updates will hit the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for links on our Discord Server

And finally:

A warm welcome to our new members. The officer's staff (Including our newest member, Flairc ) will do everything we can to make this transition a smooth as possible.

We understand that this could be an uneasy time for us all and meeting 70+ new people can be daunting. However, judging by our previous collaborations, I am sure we will all settle in rather quickly and that soon enough we will stop being DoA and OG-JDs but simply be Jane Doe guild members.

        Welcome on board!!!

                ..and may God have mercy on your souls =)

Tonksalot GO Thank you all for the warm welcome. The first days have gone by and we are starting to settle in. From our side I would ...
Kurufín GO Welcome to all new members. I am currently on a break, but will be back raidleading EoL when the new expansion hits. If...
Juurikkala GM Warm welcome for all the new people! I've seen few guild merges now past this gone 10 years of my wow playing and...


Team LR finally did it. After 235 wipes and countless tears from Mr Yank´em-Lil-Lilmak. Last Resort took the server second spot and a decent 1654th seat in the world. Not too shabby for a 2 days/week team.    

In what proved to be the biggest step up, by far, in Antorus. Kekec (the lying ¤%/#&) n crew melted Grandma real nice like and finished the night with 32 most delightful wipes on Argus, the unmaker at the heart of the Burning Throne.

Last resort can almost feel the sweet sweet [Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker] at the end of this long fiery road.

Gz to them all (and me.Yay) 

Super awesome, A grandma kill video:

And for a Monk PoV we got Moggles vid (with less random Dire Straits and PoV swapping =) Enjoy:

Until the Video is done, here's a little taser:

Gromozeka "Unbelievable success!" (C) Severino :) Congrats, ladies and gents!
Block GO Let's hope we see Argus meet the same fate. And this is a thing now, Roggles! We will be expecting a kill-video fro...
Rogles Another version: