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Block GO posted Oct 3, 17

Hello JD!


Maxiamus and crew killed Sisters of the Moon in the face! Making them 4/9 HC and working on Desolate host.

GJ EoL. Ill be seing you guys for raid Thursday.

To compare: here is LRs experince with Sisters Mythic so far:

Best try now at 10% and we will be seing a kill next week.

Last Resort Mythic progress:

Tonight saw, not one, but two, new Mythic bosses go down.

Harjatan went down after a total of 20 pulls and 20 minutes later, after just two TWO !! pulls on Demonic Inquisition they aswell ate the iron boot of Mr Fishy.. Wait, no, that's right: he had to leave just before the kill. Sorry you missed out Fishy xD

In any case, Janedoe is now server 4th and Alliance 2nd!

Unfortunately, my hard disc became full and I have no videos of either kill. A kill shot will have to do.

(And no, it wasn't just because I got WT#¤% stomped on meters by my fellow Hpriest =)

Harjatan Mythic is no more.

Demonic inquisition is, well, also dead.

Well done LR and thanks to the guys from Path of Serenity for helping us out. 

KJ goes down.. Twice!

Block GO posted Sep 14, 17

Hello JD!


Goroth Mythic went down, with the help of our "sister" guild DoA.. Grats JDoA on the kill!. And a 22% wipe on Harjatan Mythic. We will see a kill next week!

JDoA Mythic Goroth kill video: ( Sorry for the mediocre soundtrack =)

JD Team progress:

Last night saw both EoL and LR bringing KJ to his knees. !!

In the words of Kza: "KilJaeden goes BOOM! and EoL is officially HC"

Not only did EoL kill KJ. Graegen and team proceeded to wipe the floor with HC Goroth! Making them 1/9 HC

Heres the World First: EoL Kill Video courtesy of Kza

Well done Echo of Light!

LR, having had 120 "manual resets" of Kiljaeden HC, downed him on just the 4th pull of the night.

No doubt he would have gone down this week, but the way the NLC ( NetherLight Crucible) changed the fight was very, very noticeable.

LR Kill video:

LR Kill shot:

Well done Last Resort!

Severino lol, guys, that's funny! :d
Juurikkala GM It's from the very old video from Cata or something. We were on alt run there and Sev said 'Unbelieveble succe...
Block GO Haha. No, Kek, that was a recording from Sev. It makes into all our kill videos at some point during the kill. =)
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