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Hello JD!


Yesterday the Erotic old Llamas killed Avatar HC making them 8/9 HC. Only Kiljeaden now stands between EoL and Curve! Well done Maxiamus and Crew

Kill video: 

Janedoe progression:

Last night saw 2 new bosses go down for teams LR and EoL. 

EoL Progress:

The ever fabulous Maxiamus and Co-star Darkdiver along with the mighty fine Euphorically odd Lobsters downed Maiden of Vigilance. Leaving only 2 bosses to go in HC ToS

Well done EoL

Since no screenshot was taken, my glorious paint-skills saves us once again:

LR Progress:

Syillith and the Lurking Racoons saw Desolate Host go down after quite a few manual resets and cements JDs position as server 3rd. With Mistress Sassz'ine up next for the team.

Fist bumps to you all.


A nightmare om Elf street:

Syilith What art school did you go to Jas, and where can I sign up?
Juurikkala GM Awesome video, I had missed it totally for some reason. Thanks again :) And fantastic job all around JD!
Kurufín GO Dont think we took any kill shot. For a video it would probably need to come from Kza and dont think he has time for tha...

Mythic Sisters!

Block GO posted Oct 12, 17

Hello JD!

We missed a few people in LR last week and did a quick HC KJ while we waited for people to show up.

Turns out you just need healers for that fight.!


EoL took out Desolate Host tonight! , All while laughing at LR who unfortunately did not manage a kill this evening. 

Well done Echo raiders: Another Boss down on our way to a Curved EoL.

Kill video:

Kill shot:

This Wednesday, team Last resort danced the line dance with some hot sisters of the moon.. And scored!

With Sisters of the moon down. JD is now server 3rd. We should see Desolate host go down Monday after a 30% wipe on only 3 total pulls last night.

Please enjoy our Nerdscreams: Sister screams,

Kill video:

Severino Congratulations, people of Azeroth!
Sausewind nice progress guys! congrats
Block GO Yeah. server 3rd. Not too shabby for JD!
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Hopefully those changes are to better way than coming to Legion :d
Demonology, Survival, and other specs will probably see more significant changes.
(there's a kill vid under the EoL logs tab)
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