Where are the news!?

Saij posted Feb 13, 14
Hello everyone,

Nothing much to report from the game atm. Some pics from the future expansion pops up at places like MMO-Champion, such as the revamped character looks, Draenor landscapes and garrison buildings but nothing new or big and nothing on the release date. There are some guesses that WoD will come around summertime so we are most likely in for a long and dull wait. 
If they hold true to old form they will try to time their release to a competitors game release and so far Wildstar is planned for Q2 and we may see ESO around that time as well.. time will tell.

The JD raid teams have had some nice progressing this last month..  New team, Rock-it are now at 6/14 and ESK are very close to a full clear, currently sitting at 13/14. Rupture is slowly pushing on with the hc progression and are now at 11/14hc.

JD Recruiting
Our new team Rock-It are recruiting:

They are looking for 2 ranged dps, priest and hunter and a tank/mdps, preferably warrior for their future progression. They raid Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8.30-11pm. 
If you are interested please contact Jamelia either here on the website or in game.

For those interested in other games

Hearthstone is now in open beta and free to play. Ladders resets every month or so and keeps the challenge of climbing the ranks somewhat fresh.

For any Elder Scrolls fans the upcoming mmo Elder Scrolls Online has started up frequent Beta testing weekends and it seems like anyone signing up gets an invite.

Since Im madly hopeful about Wildstar ill shamelessly keep promoting  it here. News and videos about more feats of the game pop up on a weekly basis now and it all looks pretty fun! Im sure it will hold something for every mmo fan in a fresh and seemingly well planned format. 
So what is Wildstar you wonder? Try this video for a early summary of what the game entails, plenty of other well made videos can be seen at the Wildstar website.

JD quotes:
Unfortunately I slacked on this and all the stuff i have taken down happens to be from the same ppl (sorry all that have been funny and feel ignored!)  :)

Argus getting serious about tactics; The idea is.. NO AOE, single target is the thing. Is that how you do it on that side? Bambi; I donno, I just have the muppet theme running in my head.

Xiya getting his grumpy pants off during painful farm night; Why do Essex girls wear knickers? Apo; Why? Xiya; To keep their ankles warm..

Argus; I told everyone to eat balls, then i ate 2 myself and died..

Xiya after many Essex girl jokes; Luckily im not from Essex, Im from a far worse neighborhood.. where 6 fingers on each hand is considered normal..

Argus; When I got a hold of it, it exploded.. Bambi; Thats what she said.

Until next time, take care!

Sausewind moar newz? heh?! heh heh
Sausewind Emvy thx. this is really fun to read You wanna put more news up!!! ...
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